We are your flavoring partner. 


We have a library of thousands of flavors, and create custom formulas and variations as required. Our flavorings are used extensively by manufacturers in many industries requiring specialized flavors. If you need a flavor created with or without certain ingredients, our chemists will work with you to achieve it. While our standard flavors are water soluble, we also create oil soluble flavoring formulations for compatibility with even more applications. 


Natural means natural.


Many flavor producers use a natural and artificial flavor blend to help keep costs down. When we call a flavor natural, it's made using natural flavors. While we certainly have the ability to create blends or artificial flavors, we specialize in working with natural flavors. 


Flavor Replication & Flavor Creation.


Have an existing flavor that you need cloned? We can help. Have a desire for a specific flavor that you can't find elsewhere? We will create it.  

Reach out to us.


We are here to help you. Please reach out to us to discuss your project, flavor requirements, and request samples.

Give us a call at +1 631.350.7340 or send us an email: sales (@) FlavorConcentrates.com