E-Liquid Making

Our food grade flavorings work great for flavoring e-cigarette fluid, known as e-liquid and e-juice. Our natural flavorings give an amazing flavor throughout the whole experience. Unlike many others, you will not get any of those unpleasant, perfume-like, soap-like tastes or aftertastes.

Our flavorings will also not cause any performance issues, as they will not leave large amounts of residue behind. Even flavors that are known to clog atomizers such as chocolate will not be an issue with our flavors!


General Usage

15% - 30% concentration with your base

We recommend starting at a 15% blend with your base, and adding to your desired taste. We do recommend letting your finished product steep for at least 24 hours (48 recommended) before adding more flavoring. You will find that the amount of flavor significantly increases after this steeping period.